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Free Will

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Free Will?

When humanity was created, we were given a gift that was rare and powerful, it was that of free will. One of the basic, fundamental lows that guide us along our spiritual pathways, In a way it’s like getting a wonderful gift and not reading the directions that come with it. We use it often, saying we have free will to make choices and changes within our lives, and we do. We at times, wield it like a sword, slashing our way out of or into dilemmas that can be more confusing that a rubric’s cube. The part that we have often forgotten, not bothered to read or take in, is that the balance of exercising our free will is that we have to also accept the consequences of our choices (not always as much fun as exercising our free will). As with the law of attraction, it is simple, profound and carved in stone. Every action creates an equal reaction.

Free will isn’t free … There is a cost and often it is more than we wanted to spend. I have in my lifetime made choices that felt good for a moment and then the ramifications of my actions caused a cascade of results that often took me years to clear up. The universe is balanced; the laws that govern it are balanced. So the next time you decide to exercise your free will … take a moment and read the directions, consider what the outcome of your actions will be and decide if the result is worth the price you will eventually pay.

When we came into this lifetime there was a plan that had been made by our higher consciousness that would lead us towards the evolution of our spirit. We always have the freedom to make changes in that plan … we have all of eternity to evolve. If we choose to go against the natural flow of our spirit towards a goal we can only catch a glimmer of from time to time, we have to be ready to accept the consequences of our actions. Our spirit is ever evolving and often in unusual ways. It always fascinates me when things fall into place if I just stay out of the way. Being human, I almost never read directions … as a result I have often made very large messes, and then complained about it. After exhausting those who would listen to my complaints, I would quiet myself and reflect. With no one looking I always had to admit that no matter how miserable a mess I had created, I had done the creating, no one did it to me. The law of attraction was vibrantly present and it had its pal free will in attendance. I also have to claim responsibility for the good times in my life … after all there is balance in all things.

Free will costs – and it can be a good thing. It’s like a sharp tool, it cuts both ways and we should be very careful of how we use it. Free Will is really a misnomer. In reality we used it wisely when we were on the other side and making plans to rejoin humanity in human form. We had the freedom to choose what we were going to work on and how we wanted to pursue our evolution. Then we reincarnated – into a physical world with all of its encumbrances and distractions. Being human is real work, especially when the spiritual philosophy and laws are interwoven. We’re here to learn and the lessons often come in the form of hurdles and difficulties and they more often than not result from our not thinking we have to read directions in order to exercise our free will. There is a plan and we are following it, no matter how circuitous it seems. I sometimes think the name “free will” is a joke the universe played on us. We do have free will, we have the freedom to use it … just make sure it is done wisely and with love … then we are really demonstrating unconditional love and that we have really read the directions.

Free will has a cost … it isn’t free … but its worth the price.