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Faith –

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Faith, that intangible, indescribable quality within each of us that embraces us and supports us when all else seems to fall away. It is described in the dictionary as, “unquestioning belief, anything believed, complete trust or confidence.” I might add that all of this comes without physical, tangible, qualitative proof. There is no proof, and yet we believe, we have faith. Faith sends a message out and proclaims in some small way, our belief systems. It is one of those special treasures that have been given us by the Infinite Spirit and one of those qualities we take very much for granted. On some level, deep within our spirits has been planted the seed of faith, placed there by the Infinite upon creation and we have carried it and nurtured it throughout every incarnation. It has been a tool, carried us through dark times and it is even at times become a weapon against ignorance. For when we have true faith we don’t need physical proof because within our hearts we just know.


Faith is part of our original program if you will; it was installed at creation and cannot be lost or deleted. Given to us at creation we have carried it through time and space we have had lifetimes when it was a great part of our physical lives and then others when we choose not to touch upon it and use it for the enlightenment it brings. Faith – believe and embrace the light it brings with it. It can heal, create miracles, open your minds and hearts … but it must be embraced and nourished in order for it to flourish.


It has been written that all one needs is faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains and create miracles. That’s a very small speck, but it can indeed move mountains and create wondrous miracles. It is through our faith that the Infinite Spirit is able to manifest within our lives and realities. Because faith is of a spiritual nature that is where the true miracles happen. Having faith that all things will work out in the most appropriate manner, that those who are ill will find healing and peace within the embrace of the Infinite, and that those who are still in the physical will find hope and comfort … those are the kinds of miracles that faith can bring into our lives. We all have that seed within us, we all have faith and we label it differently according to our belief systems. Faith is an important part of our makeup and we have the free will to use it or not within each lifetime. It can make life richer and more vibrant.


An important part of faith is in remembering who placed it within our souls, who gave us also the free will to use it or not. If we open the door to what it can add to our lives there is richness beyond measure … our old friend unconditional comes in here as well. Faith was given us with unconditional love to use or not. If we choose to open to whet it brings we open also to the unconditionally of it, for this is a spiritual aspect of our existence and nature and will be manifest through those qualities within us.


Let us remember what we have been given and the richness that it has added to our lives,, let us be grateful for the blessings for they are many, let us have faith that richness will embrace us as we open to the potentials carried within.