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Druids, Wizards and Fairies

P - 32


“From The Leaves of Light”

Through canyons of crystal
Flow Rivers of dreams
On currents of time
To dimensions unseen.


Unfold your wings of wishes
Let the winds of destiny guide you
Open your heart and welcome
The visions carried within.


For magic there awaits you
Harvested through time
‘Tis yours alone to awaken
You need only conjure the rhyme.


You reach into the realms of unrecorded time, seeking answers and understanding of those who once were very much a part of the reality that now surrounds you. Know that they are all just a dimension away and the portal to the understanding is just within your reach. Magic is your answer, releasing the solidity of reality so that the creative flow reaches into the furthest recesses of your memories, bringing forth the insight and vision that has lain dormant for so many incarnations. There is a message here, one you bring to your reality through your gifts. Often you may doubt the impact of your gifts, but that is only because you are human and that is a part of your reality. Unlock the flow and let the magic dance once more upon the harmony of the universe within the ether of your domain. Allow the times and wisdom’s that you seek to rise out of the mists and return to your consciousnesses once more for you have and always been a creature of magic yourself. This lifetime perhaps clothed just a bit more heavily in humanity so that the magic and the light of the magic find it difficult at times to connect and find channels into your reality. The ways of the seekers has always been unusual and different and this time is no different for you. The struggle into your magic is an adventure and you will find that the more unusual you are the easier it is to manifest.  For now, you seek into realms well known to you in lifetimes past. You reach for what is already a part of you.



The Druids, ancient beyond measure, a part of this realm always and yet as the consciousness of humanity became more and more rooted in the here and now they faded into the forests that they are here to protect. Faded from the vision of mankind into that space between realms where the sight must be touched by magic to clear the vision of man. They have been here from before the beginning to time, and will be here long after humanity has moved onto new realms themselves. Druids are the keepers of the forests. They brought the first seeds into this realm, this reality and have watched over them since the very beginning. Each species has its own ward or warden who touches each seedling and awakens it to growth. Though not seen ever these days, there were times when the Druids were very much a part of the reality in which you now live. There were times long, before Stonehenge, when they walked among mankind and were treated with respect and awe. They lived in the forests and tended the groves. They were knowledgeable of the healing qualities of the trees both on a physical and spiritual level and shared of this knowledge freely. There were eons in which the mystical and the human lived in harmony and light.


Now, as mankind once more starts to emerge from an age of darkness, of industrialization, the soul memories of times long past start to re-emerge into the consciousness and bring wonder and curiosity into the heats and minds of man. Here then is the reality that has now become simply a faded remnant of a memory of long, long ago. Between the dimensions, of reality where time stands still and the unknown is known, there floats the tree of light and life, guarded and tended by the oldest ward, the guardian. This one is able to touch into any time, any dimension and frequently history has recorded his presence. He has been known by all the ancient civilizations as one who was wise and held powers beyond those of mortal man. Merlin comes to mind and there are countless others from cultures now gone from this reality. Know that he was also present in the land called Atlantis, and guided the time at the very end so that there were survivors and the wisdom was not lost for all of time … just some of it..


Floating in this sea of nothingness, the tree of light and life flourishes due to the nurturing of life on all dimensions. Upon the earth plane, when a species of tree ceases to exist, the spirit of that species is enfolded into the heart of the ward or guardian. It becomes a glowing light and is taken back to the source or tree of light and rests upon the branches until it is time to plant that seed once more in a place and time in which it will flourish and grow. The ward then watches over the growth, in the new setting and guides and guards until it is time to return to the source once again. Though Druids connected to trees were the first focus, let it be noted that every species, every life force and form have a ward that watches over their growth and development and who takes the last seed into his heart and returns to the source when the time is appropriate.


Picture if you can, a large oak like tree, floating within a sea of darkness, illuminated by the pods of light that are the species hanging within time awaiting their turn to re-enter a dimension and start the evolution process once more. At one time mankind was one of these pods of light, returned to many places and planted to grow and evolve, the ward of this species has been called many names, one of which is God.


The Druids have roamed through time and dimension; they have carried seeds of life to other realms not of this earth, and will, in time reunite many that grew in different environments yet with the same inner spirit. Those will be most interesting times for all of humanity, for you are most definitely not alone within this universe or galaxy. The wards are everywhere watching and protecting. Though you may see them not, rest assured every species has one and is gathered when the journey is over and it is time to return to the source tree. Unicorns and dragons glow upon the branches awaiting the time to be returned to reality, perhaps not those of mankind … but they will once more breathe the air and feel soil under their feet … and perhaps this time they will be understood and not pushed back to the tree.


Though not requested, the fate of dragons comes to the fore and a moment of your time is requested. Just like the unicorn dragons did exist. They flew and breathed fire and were a magnificent sight within the night’s sky. As has often happened, when something is not understood it is hunted down and destroyed, feared by mankind. The dragons are gentle and docile. They did not feed on humanity, nor did they terrorize and destroy. They were the children of ages past … their seeds preserved in an ice age and when the melt came they were reborn into reality. Frightened by humans they tries to run and hide but were hunted down. In the mists of time there were those who lived in harmony with the dragons and flew with them … but that’s another time and story. Know that they await the time when they can reenter and not be feared … know also that they still exist is deep places, living in peace and tranquility until they can exist in harmony with mankind.



History has been most unkind to these souls who try to help and heal. They flow with the energy of the earth and draw from it great energy and power. They have been called Pagan and Wiccan. To be a witch is to blend with nature and use that power and energy to benefit and heal those who seek their help. Often the power comes as a surprise to those who have the gift. Many feel that they are different and seek help. The energy is unusual and unless one is able to understand and balance it, often the individual can spiral out of control. The intent of the power is healing, and the spirit of the individual who has the power must be pure. If not … good cannot be accomplished and often there is created a knot in the universe that must be undone in a lifetime yet to come. Their power is of nature, they are able to tap into the primal energies of the universe and channel that energy. Because the energy flows through them it draws upon the intent and direction of the witch. Great good can be done by those who are pure of heart. On the other hand those who are unschooled or not ready can create confusion and upset. It should be noted that the only permanent impact that a witches have is upon their own lifetime.


Often their outward physical appearance is a direct reflection of the direction they are using their power. There are black and white witches but those are only labels put on them by humanity. All of them have good at the very core; all of them have been gifted because of service rendered in lifetimes past. It is the choice of this lifetime that determines how they use their power and energy. How they reflect the brightness of the light within. They can do no harm to others, they are only able to do good, but that is sometimes misinterpreted. Creative minds have made them more then they ever where, or ever could be. They came in as healers with the gift to tap into earth and cosmic energy … to serve mankind and to help healing to take place. When they have been misunderstood they often have lashed out but only in natural ways. They cannot harm, but they can cause discomfort when pushed. These are good souls who will usually stay on the fringes, in the shadows – for their soul memories remember that they have not been well received in lifetimes past. They do not usually draw attention to themselves but rather share with a very safe, select few for this lifetime. To be a witch is to be one with nature and to be able to use that energy for the benefit of those willing to trust nature and the power it carries.



Small specks of eternal light that flit on beams of sunlight. They carry within them the seeds of laughter and love and have always been a special part of life and nature. Some identify them with dragonflies and others with fireflies. In reality they are much smaller and ever present. They’re mission is to spread laughter, to share joy and to nurture the growth and evolution of the human and animal spirits. From time to time they can be seen in the brightest of sunlight almost as a shimmer. There are times when they can be drawn out by flowers, in gardens nurtured by those who have touched into the natural flow of the universal energies. They are always around natural beauty, drawing energy from the glow of its radiance. At times they can be seen twinkling in the darkness when there is need of laughter and love. They carry the seeds of joy and spread them far and wide. They’re mission is to release the energy for the laughter and love that brings joy to the human spirit. It is for mankind to recognize the seeds are there and to use them to open their hearts to the full potential that the laughter and love can bring into their realities. Fairies have been present since the beginning of creation and will always be. To see them, too recognize their presence one need only be still and watch for the glitter in the sunlight. To draw them in one needs only share laughter filled with joy and love and they’re presence can not only be felt but also seen within the minds eye.


Each will see them according to the extent of spiritual vision that is within. Everyone is able to sense and feel their presence. Lightness and love, combined with unconditional love creates the atmosphere. Often they will be glimpsed around newborn babies for they’re energy is made of pure unconditional love. Often still will you find babies laughing for no reason, they see the fairies and fuel magic that only they can see.


These small beings have greater power than one could imagine and yet they are rarely felt or seen. Mankind doesn’t even recognize them and still they faithfully continue to shed love, light and laughter upon the human race. They are a rainbow of giggles that lead to a shower of laughter that opens to unconditional love. Mankind grows and heals because of these small specks of light that bring understand and wonder to even the youngest and smallest of the race. Animals are very use to their presence and welcome the visits for they know unconditional love when they see it … it will be a while for mankind.