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Count Your Blessings

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Count Your Blessings

We are surrounded by blessings – Miracles every day – small ones and big ones. Most of the time we don’t recognize them or even acknowledge them. When times get difficult we are even less inclined to notice the small blessings that are showered down upon us every day. I’m just as guilty as anyone of ignoring them and when I do, life tends to get a bit bleak. Of course all of us want a full fledged miracle, something that defies science and reason, to happen in our lives … something that would make the six o’clock news. But would we really recognize one if it hit us in the face? I wonder what if I was on the other side of the equation so to speak. Not the one begging for the miracles but rather the one supplying them. How would I feel if none of the millions of small miracles I had supplied were enough, or appreciated, or even acknowledged? Would I be inclined to shower huge gifts on humanity if the small ones were taken for granted and not considered enough? I think we’re very lucky that the Infinite Spirit has unconditional love for us, and continues to give in spite of the fact that as a whole we seem to be not to appreciative for all of the blessings that are showered upon us every day.


There is an old song called Count Your Blessings and it holds great wisdom. It tells us to count our blessings, count them one by one, count our many blessings see what God has done. It goes on to say that when you’re down or sad that counting your blessings relieves sadness and brings light into your life … and it does.


It is those small blessings, that when gathered together, that become the foundations for the greater miracles that occur for us once the ground work is laid. Take time out of your day and spend some time listing the many blessings that have been given you. Your family, friends, sunsets, cool breezes, friendly smiles from strangers, the love of a pet, the joy of laughter, the wind whispering through the trees, the softness and beauty of snowflakes, the gentle rhythm of a spring rain, the soft babble of a brook as it meanders through a field, the touch of a loved one, the peace of a quiet moment with absolutely nothing to do …… you get the picture, we are blessed and sometimes we forget …count your blessings and remember, build the foundations for even greater miracles.