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Everyone has their own private story about 9/11 just as those who experienced the times of the assignation of President John F. Kennedy and Pearl Harbor and the end of World War II. Those moments in time were so intense and so filled with the emotions of millions of people that they are not only burned into our own memories and consciousness but upon the fabric of time as well. Anyone who experienced those times can tell you where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news … and for this present generation it rings true for 9/11/2001. I’m sure we all have shared our experiences and memories frequently especially around the anniversary of that date, I know I have. I’ve shared where I was and what I was doing countless times; but I’ve never shared what it was like for a psychic living less than fifty miles from ground zero.


I experienced the same flood of emotions that everyone else did; the horror, the disbelief and the fear that were released not only personally but from within the twin towers when those airplanes that were used as flying bombs collided and exploded. When this sort of trauma hits a fragment of time it sends our waves of energy and those who are sensitive and able to tune into those vibrations see a different level of reality. I was drawn into what one can only call a tsunami of energy into which souls were being drawn into a light that enveloped everything. The experience for me as a psychic was very similar to what one might experience undergoing twilight sleep during surgery. You feel removed from your reality though you can see it and hear what is going on. In addition you float within a sphere of translucent light and are able to watch and listen to in essence another dimension of reality unfolding before your very eyes and because there is a spiritual thread as well you begin to see a larger picture than most and the implications and reasons for the experience. The logical mind is suspended for a time and the impossible becomes possible. There was a huge whoosh and the air around me became clear and sharp, an almost imperceptible sound of a sort of music vibrated around me and I could see the individual lights that were the souls of those who had been released; they swirled and danced around twinkling within a cloud of light that had enveloped everything and everyone.


I was filled with wonder and soon came to realize that there was much more to this experience than I could ever grasp. There was a message here that perhaps with time could be shared so that additional understanding might be absorbed. So I put it out there for those who might seek a deeper understanding of moments like this. When something such as 9/11 occurs, it is so violent, so horrible and so sudden that it burns itself into the very fragment of time in which it happens. It is seared indelibly upon that spot in the universe and the memories of all of humanity, not only for this lifetime but for all of eternity. It becomes a beacon to mark a time and place when the course of humanity took a turn and made a shift, and for those who are sensitive they will eternally feel it and draw from the message it carries. Ground zero carries forever the imprint of 9/11 … and that imprint is there not to haunt us but rather to remind us. The massive cloud of spiritual energy, the feeling of thousands of swirling spirits that I was a part of that day and the light that surrounded them is a part of the eternal message that was left to us as well. I saw those spirits as they were released from human form and set free to blend into the celestial light … I am compelled to relate that yes there was fear and unimaginable emotional and physical pain and suffering … right up to the moment of release … and then, then there was peace and unbelievable joy. There was the understanding that they had been a part of a shift in the consciousness of humanity … there was celebration and love all around, and peace, unbelievable peace. From the human view they were innocent victims of brutality and terror and war. From the spiritual side they were volunteers whose mission was to awaken a deeper understanding within the hearts and souls of mankind. We on this plane were thrust into a battle that is ongoing as I write. On the other side, hero’s and martyrs celebrated because a war had been won with their sacrifice and the consciousness of mankind had been stretched to at some point reach a peace that before had not been possible.


Once those souls crossed into the light they became aware of the purpose of the sacrifices and how we could take wisdom and understanding and make our reality a better place because of it. Yes, there was great sadness and suffering but the human spirit expanded and grew because of it, there is always a bigger picture and the further the distance the greater the perspective. The more time I shared within that cloud of light that day the more I realized that there was a far greater purpose to the occurrences than any of us could possible imagine. In a way we were all playing out our roles in a greater arena that was not then or ever now perceived by our consciousnesses.


For thousands of individual souls it was a moment of imprinting time and leaving a message that out of the most horrible experiences, peace, love and compassion can be born … and we saw some of that taking place in the days and weeks that followed, all over the world. Petty differences were put aside and we were drawn together and consoled one another. Yes, a battle was begun, but on the other side a war had been won. Humanity was given the tools and awareness of the greater consciousness that we have yet to grow into; and we will, most probably in spite of ourselves. Those spirits, the souls that crossed over because of that act of terror, knew in that instant, peace, unconditional love and joy and the cosmic understanding that they were immortal and had given a gift to mankind.


There is a multibillion dollar memorial to those spirits being constructed at ground zero and the other targets of that day and they will be completed within the next few years. They will remind us of that time of transition when the hearts and souls of millions were wrenched and sadness was felt globally. I’m sure they will be beautiful and places to visit and remember for those of us still on this plane … I must say though – the memorial that really touches me to the very core of my spirit are those two beams of light that illuminate the darkness in the evening of every September 11th. To my mind and heart it is more fitting to envision those lights flowing into the darkness creating a bridge into the unknown and returning to the source, slicing through the darkness and ignorance of humanity and bringing light to all of us if we but open to it.