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Initiation, Journal of the Light Body



Child of light, cast into a sea of eternity, adrift upon the winds of time, your steps are guided by the inner faith that has for so long flowed through every fiber of your being. The purpose that brought you into this lifetime now begins to impact every aspect of your reality. You are driven, even though you know not where the path may lead you. You follow the call that comes from within the soul’s memory. This is a time of waiting and watching, allowing the flow and harmony of the universe to become a part of you and your reality. It is a time of faith and patience, a time to trust yourselves and the inner awakenings that now stir you into the desire for more movement.

Each soul upon the path rises through eleven phases of evolution upon each plane as they travel back to the source. Countless lifetimes are spent upon each level and there is no set time frame for the completion, for there is all of eternity in which to work. Each level, or phase, corresponds to the energy levels within the human frame and the lifetimes take on the direction of that energy center.

Always, in every lifetime, have you been seeking those gifts and talents that were a part of you at the time of creation. Upon entering, you released those talents and allowed them to drift into the hidden recesses within, and then you entered with only the faint knowledge that there was so much more available – and that a part of you was missing.

The quest began eons ago and with each passage of the soul, with each lifetime, you were able to uncover clues that led you in the directions of your own completion. You have always been seeking that wholeness that is a memory held dear in the heart. We are ever seeking to tie it all together and finally claim that totality that has always been ours by rights of creation.

Know that when you surrendered these gifts and treasures to become hidden within, you accepted a challenge to grow beyond those who did not enter at that time. You chose to labor for generations of your soul to achieve a greater, more expanded consciousness to be ready for the next threshold experience.