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Atlantis – A New Perspective

Atlantis – A  New Perspective.

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Atlantis – A New Perspective – Times are changing, awareness expanding, and our understanding of our place within this reality shifting with every moment. Concepts of the past that we thought were absolute and carved in stone have literally been blown out of the water. Our understanding of history expands, clears, evolves and we are left with a shifting of our perspective of our meaning, our destiny and the dimension that we, for a time inhabit. In a nutshell …everything has changed, and so must we. Our distant history, the Biblical explanation of time itself has shifted incredibly and the understanding that people and events were described by the frame of reference of that time and the vocabulary they had to work with shifts our understanding of what may have actually been happening, and that changes everything. We now look at the past differently and realize that actual reality may have been very different than what was portrayed with limited perspective. With that in mind, let me share with you a new perspective of the age old story of Atlantis.

The first account of Atlantis is from Plato in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias which was written about 360 BC. By some considered a myth but by others it has been taken more seriously, and as we have learned, myths are simply facts not yet proven. He spoke of this island and its inhabitants that had existed some 10,000 years prior to his time frame which in today’s figuring would make the time of Atlantis about 12,000 years ago, give or take 500 years. Remembering perspective and the language barriers and of course frame of reference, recently another suggestion as to what actually took place has been shared with me and I would like to share it with you. If it feels probable work with it, if you prefer antiquities explanation, well, only time will actually explain it fully to us, that and passing over and asking the questions in another dimension.

The UFO’s that are seen so frequently in our skies are the smaller of the vehicles that shift dimension to dimension and they have been around since the beginning of recorded time and before that as well. They can be considered “watchers” of a sort and are there to observe and record. The main vessel, for want of a better word we’ll call it a mother ship, is of far greater dimensions and has never been view by humanity, it shifts between dimensions and carries within it all of those little vehicles that have been recorded in paintings and hieroglyphs, cave paintings and carvings on ancient temples. Many thousands of years ago, one of these Mother Ships developed some sort of mechanical difficulty and was forced into our atmosphere and had to land in the ocean, where it floated in place. Because the repairs were going to take an extended period of time they terra-formed land around the ship to disguise it all as an island, upon which they lives as the repairs took place. Over time connections were made with civilizations and emissaries were sent out. Those who lived on the surface appeared to blend in with humanity but they also had skills and talents not yet developed by humanity, they appeared almost God-Like, and may well have been confused with the God’s from time to time as they could fly and work what appeared to be miracles. And so Atlantis was born. Time to them was different and so hundreds of years may well have passed while they worked on repairing their ship. The larger civilizations were of interest so they established what one could almost consider embassies in areas of rapid evolution and in very subtle ways influenced the progress of humanity.

After an extended period of time the ship was repaired and was able to function once more. It rose up out of the ocean, and most probably looked as if there was a tremendous explosion as the terra-formed parts fell away and were scattered over the earth. The ship shifted dimensions and went home. Unfortunately, not everyone made it back in time and there were many who got left behind. They blended into humanity and shared their knowledge as best they could with those who were able to understand what they shared. They taught astrology and the understanding of the stars and mathematics, they taught love and compassion and sharing. They lived out their lives as a part of humanity and blended their genes with ours. Those talents they possessed made it possible for stone monuments to be constructed and left as a legacy for all time. There were talents that we were just not capable of learning that have been lost in time, the ability to move large heavy blocks of stone with forces not yet comprehended, among them. What they taught has explained some of the giant steps that humanity has taken over time, Astrology, mathematics, healing and spiritual awakening all come from those who were left behind. Within each and every one of us is a link to those travelers that is why they watch and observe as we grow and evolve. The potential for that level of consciousness is available and all that it carries rests within all of us, and someday, when we are ready, they will open the doors to those other dimensions that we all know are there and we will once again be able and ready to travel the dimensions and reach for the stars. This is the energy of the Pleiadian’s. As of this date 12/2013, there are no accurate explanations as to this energy or level of consciousness. This is an inter-dimensional concept and not to be confused with earthly plagiarist’s who seek glory and notoriety. This level of consciousness is reached through evolution and is not one that can be taught on the earthly plane. Those who watch will do so with no interaction, they are waiting for us to find the so called magic within and to begin to use it for the good of all of humanity. When that blending comes then there will be contact, and not one moment before. In a way, we truly are those we have been waiting for.