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Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials from Clients

March 2017

Hello, Barbara-

My name is Shelby, I learned about you through Renee Richards. I recently experienced gratitude so intense that I decided to spend some time this week reaching out to people that have impacted me positively, and express my gratitude to them for all that they do.

I work outside at a public garden, which gives me a lot of time to listen to podcasts, what I wanted to express my gratitude for was your show; I listen to it on Google Play. I have enjoyed very much listening to your readings for people, but most of all I enjoy the variety information that you have brought forward to expand minds. I love that you bring an eclectic array of people from all over to partake in the exchange of information. I may not always agree with the information being provided, but I typically welcome the new perspectives, and your show definitely challenges me to open up and embrace things with a fresh outlook.

So, basically I am saying THANK YOU. Thank you for putting on your show and all of the work it takes to do it… as well as all of the other things you do for human beings. I have a lot of gratitude in my heart for you and your work, and while I have never talked to you or met you I do truly appreciate you in all that you do. Actually, one time I was listening to Curious Times and I saw you there, the energy during the interview was a bit intense, and that is when you showed everyone your kitten, and just like that the energy was loving again (I totally saw what you did there).

Thank you!  Shelby


September 2016

Dearest Barbara,

Thank you so much for your reading for “Vicki from Colorado”.

You & Jen are wonderful & inspiring, you confirmed/affirmed my sense of

things that are going on. I am dying, but as you said, no date stamp.

I want to continue to live & grow spiritually through this part of Life as I transition to the next great adventure.

Love your sense of humor & laughter too!

I’m excited to explore your website & learn more.

Many, many blessings & Namaste’,


I  always return to where I have felt welcomed….like @ your show,and with Jeannie, on Patrick and your Matrix show.

  .Sometimes who and what I like feels differently towards me and empathy is a clearer language than just tying words together.

  I will always be grateful to you and thankful for the consideration you’ ve shown me.  Some groups are exclusive and excluding of others.

  I like many people, especially sensitive people and had the privilege of meeting some on Chris’ show, during the months when I listened and tried to participate.  Best wishes to you and everyone in the Community.   :))   and always, my gratitude for your unwavering support.  Deana

Barbara’s reading was an uplifting and peaceful experience which really helped me look at and make changes to areas in my life I felt very stuck.

She is funny, compassionate, wise, kind, helpful, and very genuine. Her light shines through.

Thanks you Barbara!  Carol

This kind,caring,funny woman will turn a skeptic into a believer. This is not a woman who does cold readings.You better listen close, record,or write down whatever info Barb gives you. She will give you a reading so fast and with some much insight it will carry you  on for years to come. She is brilliant and talented. I Love her especially when she is on Chris’s Show called Curious Times on Blog Talk Radio.

posted on Nov 3, 2013 by Brittany LoCurto

Ms. DeLong A huge thank you for taking my call on Cuirous times blogtalk radio almost 2 weeks ago . You hit right on about aliens and i was or is one from a past life . You work is wonderful and I Just want to let you know how very much i appreciated your time  i was the last call. My 1st radio reading was just a week before on astrology ( because didn’t have say anything but place born and bday ) so I am glad i got the nerve to call . Appreciated your time Thank you so much . many blessings x

November 9, 2009 The Cosmic Deck of Initiation by Barbara M. DeLong is a deck of fifty-two circular mandala cards that “…go straight to the energy world and depict the energies in geometrical patterns and a variety of colors”.  Ms. DeLong has created a deck that is not a Tarot deck in any way shape or form, but is certainly a fascinating oracle deck that can help a person towards greater understanding of self, if able to take the time to do the work.

The cards come with a LWB (Little White Book), as do most Tarot decks and other oracle decks.  And she gives a very good explanation on how to work with these cards, which are focused on Astrological signs, Laws of the Universe and patterns that can represent various energies going on in one’s life.

DeLong states, “To cast opinion from a limited perspective…..that which initially seems bad is later understood to have been a fortunate, unexpected step in life.”

Some of the cards’ titles give insight to their divinatory meanings in this deck, such as:  Sower of Seeds, Giver of Light, Healer Within, Evolution, Law of Life, Law of Continuity, Law of Compensation, Law of Attraction, Law of Frequency, Law of Limitation, Law of Free will…to  name a few.

What I like about this tarot deck is its utility in engaging us towards working on our personal life issues.  The individual cards are easy to understand, just a lot to work with at first.  I suspect that this would be a deck therapists could use in talk therapy.  But I can also see as a Tarot reader how these cards might be a companion oracle to delve further into issues with a querent.

Each round card has a soft pastel-oriented circular mandala design on them with the name of the card written several times around the outside.  The designs on the cards are not earth shaking in their beauty but pleasant enough.  However, this is not the point of this deck.  The heart of the Cosmic Deck of Initiation seems to be that it offers a set of combinable tools to work with that include Astrology, metaphysics and cosmic laws.  DeLong includes several different types of spreads that can be used with her deck and having tried a couple of them I can tell a lot of thought and experience was used in their design, not just an off the cuff type of spread to fill up a LWB.

Barbara M. DeLong has created a powerful divination oracle with a lot of depth and fascinating possibilities that gives us something to think about.  I have found them to be truly mind opening.

Kristin Lee-Gray, CTI

I keep forgetting to tune in, but that first one you did there was so amazing. There is no one like you. Just think even how much more gifts you will get this year added to what you already do. The best teacher on these radio shows I’ve heard and I’ve heard the best. Even the best would agree that Barbara Delong is for real true and true always allowing spirit to come through and not judging or making people feel like less. I’m your cheerleader today. lol  Diana McClintic March 2016

Barbara is a highly experienced spiritual empath. I have experienced her readings as well as worked with her. Barbara’s approach is straight forward, yet always compassionate. She is able to provide accurate detail and insight, and delivers each reading with confidence. She is truly gifted.
Jan 15, 2012 by Margaret Taylor

posted on Dec 28, 2011 by Jean Vermeire
A family member referred Barbara DeLong to me when I was searching for insight into my path in life. I was not sure what to expect when she did the reading, but after being on with her for half an hour – I wanted to hear more! I felt energized and inspired after receiving a reading by her. She made me feel comfortable and any question I had she answered with extreme confidence. I loved my reading and look forward to my next reading with Barbara!
Dec 28, 2011 by Noel Vermeire

If you are looking for a high quality professional reader, look no further than Barbara. She has been a reader at my fairs at for over 20 years. The quality of her readings, her popularity, her ability to tune in and sense of how to express the information is rated as A+++. She is both an artist in this field in an artist in practice. Wait until you have seen her unique mandalas. Wait until you get a reading from her. Will you be impressed and satisfied? You bet!
Jan 10, 2012 by Robert Stempson

I can’t say enough about the peace and balance that Barbara passes to you even in just one reading. Her accuracy is amazing and ability to positively help you find the right path even in the most bad situations. I felt such a connection with her in one reading. She knew exactly what was going on in my life. More importantly I brought 2 close friends to her who just had sudden losses. The love and peace they felt after her readings is priceless. I am truly in awe of her gifts.
Jan 10, 2012 by Erin Bukoski

My wife and I own a business called A Healing Hand, part of which is devoted to putting on events like psychic fairs. Barbara has been a popular reader at our events, consistently getting positive feedback, and even hosts what we call “Psychic Mediumship Spirit Circles” after the fairs. This is a gallery style mediumship session with a group and this, too, has consistently gotten positive reviews. We love having a high-caliber reader like Barbara at our events!
Jan 11, 2012 by Tim Bshara

Barbara Delong is in my perspective “the real deal.” I have had readings from Barbara Delong on her show “Night Light,” on and have been floored at her accuracy but more so with her compassion and integrity with no judgement. Her amazing book “Whispers Of Spiritual Wisdom” sheds light on life’s situations wrapped up in poems unlike any book I’ve read. I find myself reflecting back on words spoken countless times and recommend her book as a must read. She is one of the best!
posted on Jan 11, 2012 by Christina Cariaga

Thank you, Barbara for such an accurate reading.I just had my first reading with Barbara on January 22. I look forward to seeing her everytime she comes to our area. Why did it take so long for us to meet? You have a new follower, Barbara, and thank you
Feb 1, 2012 by Courtea Stark

“We all continue to be blessed by the beauty and opening energy of the Mandela’s. I am slowly reading and digesting the children’s readings. They have reminded be that indeed with all the children I consciously called in a higher spirit” Satyena

“Since I have been able to read my Mandala reading I realize this is something unique! In glancing through I thought it was similar to other readings and I was wrong. Some ideas are similar, but this is special.” Kathy

“Thank you so much for everything. Each time I look at my Mandala I get a wonderful feeling in my heart.” Kathy

In response to a workshop –
“You are Magic”
It was a chance for God to remind us
How wonderful we are
Of the unique potential
Shining behind each star.

For when you drew our auras
And showed what you could see
You blessed every soul present
By encouraging its individuality.

As people left they were smiling
Full of life, reaching for the stars
Thank you for sharing your gifts
Because of you, we will share ours.” – Carolyn

“I am grateful that you have put your talent to the use of helping to further the light of the path of those who walk – The Way.” – Helaine

“Words cannot fully express my feelings about your talent and your expression of that talent for others. Joy! Thrill! Challenge! Peace! Love of myself! Love for you and God’s expression through you! Just a few thoughts.” – Ann

“I have loved using the Mandala as a centering for meditation and have gained new perspectives. Thank you for that gift.” – Ann

“I saw your cards and just had to have them! This morning I sat down with them … they are my friends! Tears came to my eyes as I looked at each one, tears of recognition, happiness …home. I see some familiarity in these patterns. When I shut my eyes , laying in the dark, before I go to sleep.” – Jan

“Wow!, I listened to your tape last night, which by the way was filled with love, spiritual peace, and great stuff. He’s alive – I believe you now! {her husband} In spite of the fact that I was told he would pass over Sept/Oct it’s December and we are working on building our marriage” … “I called to thank you personally but you were away so I decided to write you. With your love and help I think I’m on the way to total recovery.” – Deborah

“First let me be vague but enthusiastic about your cards …I love them!” – Kathy

” I found the cards caused an easy connection with a place that I can only call at this time, my higher self or perhaps just one of the better suburbs of my imagination …a soft and warm and loving, wise place.” – Kathy

“I found the communication between the cards and your explanations to be beyond the words expresses or my ‘real’ knowledge of the colors of your cards.” – Kathy

“I wanted to write you to tell you I love working with your deck. They are so beneficial in that land beyond words, or a place that I am not at this time accustom to writing from or speaking from, I can only explain their benefit in indirect ways ..No less than that I can feel it but not wrap words around the feelings yet.” – Kathy

“I am sure your cards have touched many people as they are indeed effective.” – Cathy

“This evening I used The Cosmic Deck of Initiation and feel that I have received much color, energy, love and healing from them as well as knowledge and guidance.” Dinah UK

“These cards are an excellent teaching aid as well as a divinatory tool. They can introduce concepts to people unfamiliar with spirituality in an easy and direct way.” – Helen UK

“I hold you very dear in my heart for all your kindness, your precious time and energy, you have shared with me. Giving more light on my path, sometimes dark … Thank you” – Flor

“Wow! Your Cosmic deck if Initiation is completely inspired! These are beautiful, magical cards! I am touched and honored and in awe of this precious kaleidoscope of divine genus…” – Amy

“Barbara is a very genuine, kind and sincere person with some very specialized abilities of tuning into this kind of life planning stuff (my words not hers) and I have no hesitation recommending her to folks here.” – Mike UK

“As I have oft quoted, “If I hear Truth couched in a Sufi way or a Christian Mystic way or a Psychotherapeutic way or in a Paleontological way or whatever, you know, it’s still a Truth for me, “Ajahn Viradhammo … and that’s something I firmly believe in … However personally I always tend to have a slightly higher hurdle for anything vaguely new age sounding. However Barbara’s talk clears any hurdle one can set …in fact I would go so far as to say it’s the clearest I have heard on current times and it had a deep resonance of truth for me. As I have said at various times I don’t have any superpowers, or healing powers, or ability to walk on water or any such … however I do seem to have a nose for what is the “Right Stuff” …the real deal.” – Mike UK

“Barbara’s talk is the opposite of Blackboard fingernails …a felt sense that here indeed is someone speaking deep truth … Writing a lot recently I have been thinking of how folks revere dead sages but get lost trying to understand what they may have meant. But there are live sages too …and the good thing about live sages is that they are as wise as the dead ones were but if you don’t understand you can email them and ask these days (or in Barbara’s case phone in and ask a Q “on air”) and in Barbara’s case one can have a one-to-one session even. So check out the live sages dudes! Listen to her show for a great spiritual talk.” – Mike UK

“Barbara did a month to month reading for me and has each month thus far, been right on. She is always willing to lend a hand, and in my case, she has been a wonderful mentor for some of my business aspects.” –

“I had a really useful call with Barbara on Friday and she turned me back on to the importance of fun and laughter. Also helped me reconnect with some of the positive reasons I do what I do at the moment. Looking forward to living what came out of it.” – Barry UK

“Sometimes a special person comes into our lives at just the right time to help us with our rough times. You have been that special person for me.

I really debated about having a reading with you but something kept pushing me to do it. I ended up being the best reading that I ever had. I was having a difficult time in trying to get my business going. You helped me by showing me where the problems lay. You also showed me another career path doing something that I really enjoy.

But the time that was the most memorable for me was when my son was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital. I was scared and the doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with him. I called you and you told me what had happened and that he would be ok. Two days later, I heard the same explanation from the doctor.

Before I met you, I did not believe that any psychic could be as accurate as you have been with me. You have a rare gift and I’m very grateful to have found you, thank you Barbara.” – Marie

“I passed through Kuala Lumpur recently and met up with a buddy of mine who is a Buddhist teacher and a reiki person (and interested in some new age things. He had (though couldn’t recall where) heard of you. So I guess the sun never sets on your empire :-).” – Barry


I just want to thank you for the clear reading. It all rang true to my soul. It is what I needed to bring the “joy” back and be centered again and follow the next direction [ which is in channeling music for people. In fact, I’m beginning to play every day as I hear notes in my head. …Karen 9/13

I had a reading from you in the late 80’s and was amazed at the accuracy of your reading. Though I did not fully believe in your assessment of my life. It has came to fruition in all information that you provided and I remember. I am currently stuck and would greatly appreciate your insight. …Tatiana 12/13

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the Universe, as I have been a great admirer of your Blogtalkradio shows. You are a remarkable Spiritual teacher and a brilliant Light worker. A few months ago I had the chance to speak with you via your radio show just to get a mini reading regarding my Spiritual endeavors. It was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. The quality of your mini-reading via the airwaves was impressive and spot on. Just to keep you updated everything that you had detailed has materialized. So here I am each day living to serve God in any Divine capacity. …Caroline 12/13