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July 2016

July 2016

July 2016

There remains the echo of the past reminding us of the patterns that are being repeated in this time frame.  Many have gotten complacent and have ignored the signs that have been emerging in all areas of the world.  Ancient anger reemerges and takes on the cloaking of new generations and we find ourselves fighting once more battles we thought had been won.  This time however the weapons have changed and many are unfamiliar with the manner in which they will be used.  Though the revolutionary war comes to the fore and the similarities it shadows onto the present day there are even more ancient memories at work at this time.  There is the reminder that patterns of old no longer are honored and it is those who strive to take the initiative are those who are making the progress that others are failing to do.

There are those who have used words as weapons who now are finding they are out of ammunition.  Their past works are coming to the surface and words will no longer fail their efforts for personal gain of power and profit.  The cracks in the facades of many will continue to shatter the illusion they have cast and many will turn their backs on those who had used them in the past.  The arrogance of many will lead to their personal and public downfall leading to outrage and anger not seen for generations.  It is not the few but rather many who will fall from favor because of the lies and manipulation they have fostered on those who trusted them.

This is a time when what goes around will indeed come around, not only in the public venue but in the private as well.  All should look to their own personal lives and not point fingers at others for there is a revolution of sorts that is beginning and it will not come to completion for many years.  When the walls start to crumble they will all come down, not just select sections.  In order for new foundations to be built, the old must be removed and it isn’t always a pretty picture.

This month is a time for everyone to do a personal self-check, a time to take stock and focus on how you are functioning within your families and communities.  This is a time when there should be a reinforcing of those ties of friendship and family.  A time to remind yourselves of those inner truths that you have and how you are living them.  There will most probably be moments this month when you will find yourselves at odds with others, share your thoughts but don’t try to convince others that you are right and theirs are wrong … this could lead to some uncomfortable situations.

In the energy of the month there is much unease, shouting and at times outright anger.  This is a month where conflict will rear its ugly head in a number if different venues around the world, tread carefully on topics of debate for tempers are hot at this time of the year and many will say and do things they normally would not.  There is inner guidance but many will ignore the whispers of reason that comes from within and run amuck for a time.  This is only the tip of the ice berg so to speak so take deep breaths and focus on restoring balance and justice.

There is Karma in store for everyone, both on a personal and a global level.  What goes around does indeed come around and that applies to the individual as well as the national levels.  Borders and demarcations will be called into question and there will be some who come to blows over them.  Borders in many different areas will change not only on national levels but for us on personal ones as well.  We are, after all, individual nations unto ourselves as well.

As strange as it may seem this is a time of new beginnings as well, though at this time they are most probably in the inner planning stages. Take notes, make plans, dream, for at some time in the future you will be able to put it all into action.  But, for the time this is not the right moment to start any new endeavor for the next year or so there will be unusual upheaval in most aspects of life. 

It all may seem gloom and doom but it isn’t really.  We are at a turning point, a time when new thoughts and applications are flowing into the consciousness of all of humanity.  As with any birthing process, and make no mistake that is exactly where humanity is now, there is pain and labor and this may well be a longer process than any of us would like, but in the end there is a freedom unlike any we have ever experienced and it will be well worth the struggle.