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January 2017

January 2017

This is a month in which balance and truth are the main focus, a time in which much is worked upon but not all will be accomplished because it will be revealed that issues go deeper than thought and new directions must be sought out.  Sleeves are rolled up and the midnight oil burned as it is discovered much had been jerry-rigged in order to save time and money and now begins to disassemble and fall into piles of unusable material and information.  Thought at first glimpse it may appear to be a disaster, in reality it makes it easier to build and activate appropriate and valid replacements.  Don’t let the initial chaos upset you for stronger, safer, and greater will be installed in place that will serve for decades to come.  The new builders have the credentials to construct that which was initially thrown together haphazardly.

Truth again is a focus in personal as well as professional areas.  Bringing a new level of truth into all aspects of life will make for greater transition to the new paradigms and philosophies that are even now beginning to manifest within our realities.   As we weave these new levels into our realities we find that relationships on all levels begin to show a greater stability than ever before.  We open to new insight that brings us into a unique link to the higher consciousness and allows us greater vision on all levels.  To work with these elements will take a bit of time but when finally incorporated it will shift the way we interact with each other and humanity as a whole.

New balance brings greater stability and that creates firmer foundations upon which to build. Be it be personal relationships or stretching into new venues there is a new vision that is available to us that will enable us to see and feel where the truth really is and to connect to it.  All will feel that the inner potential is reaching beyond our expectations and as a result we may need to re-prioritize our own expectations for the year to come.  The is a time of transition and there will be moments of frustration as things do not always move ahead as rapidly as we might wish.  At and during times of frustration it is important to focus on developing greater creative areas within our realities …the greater the creative energies within our realities, the more rapidly and easily will we move beyond times of frustration.

This is a time of watching and observing, taking mental notes of how others act and react to the changes that will be enveloping all of us.  Watch and remember so that in the future you know where the strength and weaknesses are in those that you surround yourselves with.  All will always be true to their natures … it is important to know what those natures are in order to not be disappointed or sabotaged by ones who are close.

Many will feel fragmented in this period but that is an energy that will pass.  By the end of the month there will be a greater sense of cohesion and stability.  On a personal level, many will be more open than ever before to new ideas and directions, many will actually look to shift careers and focus on making major changes within their lives.  For those who are not presently looking for that kind of change the focus will be on the home.  There will be a need to reorder the interior not only the physical home but a reordering of the inner emotional aspects of life. This is a very exciting time for all will experience the expansion of their horizons and the realization that dreams can really come true is worked upon with clear and pure intent and the willingness to put the effort towards the manifestation of those dreams.  For those not willing to do the work, well then, the dreams will remain within and will manifest when the willingness and intent are applied.

This is an exciting month with tremendous potential … if you roll up your sleeves.