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January 2016

January 2016

January 2016
The New Year brings an awakening that too many is a revelation of consciousness, an understanding that much has been going on in all areas under the radar so to speak. There is greater understanding of the evolution of the spirit within, of its manifestation within our realities and of the fact that we had charted the challenges for this lifetime before we had even incarnated. With this realization, those who have a more spiritual focus are finding a deeper understanding of purpose and direction. For others there is a frustration as to the reasons for the upheavals that will be ever occurring for the next year, or even more.
Humanity as a whole is experiencing an awakening for the need for balance and justice in all aspects of life. Where once truth given by authorities was accepted blindly, now it is questioned and often found to be lies. The foundations that for so long have been believed to be firm are now crumbling, though many will scramble to try to shore up the cracks they will eventually give way to a flood of truth that will call for new structures that will better serve humanity.

There is guidance from higher consciousness on many levels. Humanity has grown in awareness and insight and will no longer be led blindly but rather choose the directions they flow in. The masses will call for change and not be denied, though the process may well be rocky it will be interesting as well as many will be called to answer for their bad judgement and fall from favor and power to be required to live with the consequences of their actions.

This month much will fall into place as some of the lies that have been shared with the public will be brought to the light and the truth will allow for justice to be served. Unusual and unique situations will begin to make sense and odd individuals will suddenly begin to take on greater influence and power. There is much work to be done, foundations to be laid and that will begin this month. Remember that foundations must be given time to cure so there will be a time when it appears that nothing is happening but rest assured that beneath the surface great strength is gathering and in time all will make greater sense that ever before.

This is a time when compensation will flow to those who have acted with noble intent. In all aspects of life intent will be called into play to a larger degree than ever before. This is genuine intent that which comes sincerely from spirit and is indicated by actions, not words. There will be those whose actions are in direct opposition to their words. Watch and listen … but make decisions by the actions rather than the words. Words can often be used to paint false pictures … actions are directly reflective of the intent of spirit.

There is greater awareness than ever before, the consciousness is gathering information and connecting the dots so to speak. Many are able to detect what individual agendas are being followed. This is a very interesting time frame, humanity stands at a cross road and will either repeat history or create new directions, There is definitely a power struggle going on between the established corporate powers and the masses of individuals no longer willing to have their liberties and rights taken from them. Major transition is in the wind and it is the individuals that will make the ultimate decision as to the directions for the future.