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February 2017

February 2017

In all aspects of reality there is the element of transition that is now making itself known.  Be it personal, inter personal or of a global energetic there is change that is almost overwhelming.  This will manifest as upheaval and many will feel as if the very foundations of their lives have been shifted … and it has, that and much more.  There has been an awakening of proportions not seen in eons and many who had slumbered through decades are now coming to fuller awareness and seeking change from areas that had been thought to be carved in stone.  This is a time of shifting and a return to greater clarity for many. These times will not be peaceful as those who have taken advantage of the complacency of the masses are being called to judgement.  Those who had been entrusted with power and then abused it are going to have to balance the scales and reveal the depth of their avarice.  There will be upset as those who are losing power struggle to maintain it, piling lie after lie in an attempt to cover the real truth as to their intentions and focus.

Transition such as the human condition is going through at this time will very likely take decades to fully take hold with the creation of new foundations and focus.  The road will not be an easy one and yet the outcome will benefit humanity as a whole and open all to a brighter future.  The inner transitions as well will be a bit rocky, especially this month as new directions call almost everyone and the need to part from traditions and try new areas of expression will take many on a real roller coaster ride.  Remember that change is always good, even if it doesn’t feel it at the moment.

The focus at this time needs to be on the self, not others, no matter how tempting that might be.  It is always easier to tell others what they should be doing rather than working on your own individual pathway.  For those who are givers this is going to be a extra difficult time for the need to help will often cloud your direction so that you will feel it is your duty to help others find their ways.  It is important to remember that when you take on the responsibility for another’s path you slow both of you down and often make the lessons for you both more difficult in the long run.  The takers as well will find the way a bit rockier as they will eventually be forced by circumstances to have to take care of themselves and make decisions that will be difficult because others have always done it for them.  For those who fall in the middle this will be a time of confusion as well.  New directions are called for and it is time to find gifts and powers that are within and bring them into manifestation.  Creativity is called for in all groups and it is the creativity that will open the channels and bring spirit into greater synchronicity with the physical realms.

There will be a feeling of pressure, as if time is speeding up and you are racing to keep up with the demands of the day.  Time is speeding up and there is the need for de cluttering and greater organization. The shifts are coming whether or not your ready … take deep breaths, find a form of meditation that is comfortable for you and keep an open mind for with it your perspective will shift and new directions will open for you.

The new directions and changes are all of a positive nature, though there will be those who try to tell you otherwise.  There will be groups of individuals who tell you they know the way and to follow them, we all have the roadmap within and though it is always easier to ask for directions, it is wiser to go to the inner source and find out what is best for you and the evolution of the spirit that dwells within.  The wiser path leads you to enlightenment and joy … it may take longer but it is well worth the trip.  We are all very unique and individual and the means and directions for each are just as unique and individual as are we.