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February 2016



February 2016

A threshold is crossed, a doorway open, insight gained, a portal to other dimensions revealed and consciousness expanded. This is a time of new balance, a time to let the dust settle and new awareness and insight to be integrated into the totality of understanding that is within us all. By no means has “All” been revealed but subtle hints of what is to come in the future of this and other incarnations upon this plane. A greater understanding to “truth” in all aspects is grasped and we take the time to clear out inner vision and reevaluate past challenges and gain greater understanding to the situations that we charted for this lifetime. This is also a time in which relationships of all kinds come under the microscope as well. We look for the element of agendas and strings and find them where they were unexpected. This is an enlightening time and gives us a greater awareness of purpose and direction for the future. This is not a time of judgement but rather of clarity, a time to watch and observe and take note of actions and balance them out with words to find the real and actual truth that is being shared.

Creativity and communication are of great import at this time. Holding information and feelings inside often leads to sabotage on several levels, letting others know where you stand and how you feel draws back your power and creates a platform to work from. Speaking and sharing your thoughts calmly opens the door for negotiations that can be of benefit to all. When thoughts and feelings are not shared but kept internal they can become toxic and manifest in all manner of physical discomfort.

Creativity as well is important to be expressed and shared. This is how we fuel the spirit and create channels for that energy to manifest within our realities. Without the channels open spirit has no way to impact reality and we isolate ourselves from a most valuable and precious tool to enrich our lives. By being creative within our lives we open to the real magic carried within and allow it to more vibrantly color all aspects of our lives. By opening to the creativity within we become co-creators of our realities and add a great richness that is beyond explanation. This must be a constant within our lives, not just a onetime experience, for the more we use that aspect and tool the greater and more profound the impact upon our lives.

There is a great need for balance at this time for many have become too invested in the physical aspects of life and have become more focused in that area. When this happens we become fragmented and spiral out of control, focusing only on the physical draws us away from the spiritual and life becomes black and white thusly losing the vibrancy that the spiritual can so abundantly supply. Without balance there is no stability, there is no forward motion and everything comes to a screeching halt. The sooner you catch the imbalance the more quickly you can restore it and begin to move forward once more.
This is a month in which there could be frustration that nothing is moving as fast as one would like. These are times in which the development of greater patience is usually called for. Instead of trying to push against the time table of the universe, take this time to finish up and tie up those loose ends that have remained unattended. Often this is a time of getting rid of clutter and that which no longer is necessary to your life. Though it can be a frustrating time it doesn’t need to be, the more of the clutter you take care of the easier the months to come will be. What you attend to now will not need to be covered later when there is much more on your plate. This is a time to take care of the details we like to ignore and put to bed what no longer is needed in our lives. When this kind of anxious energy is present it usually is an indicator that new aspects are about to manifest so make room for the new and let go of the old.

This is a time of birthing new aspects of the spirit within into manifestation within your realities. New talents, skills and gifts are available to those who have established creativity within their lives. New perceptions and perspectives open up and new clarity of vision is available. Sight and insight are enhanced and you will see new directions that had not been noticed before. This is a very exciting time for many as the spirit and the universe open portals to deeper understanding and wisdom that has been carried within for eons. A greater understanding of the nature of humanity and its place within the cosmos is also beginning to dawn. The consciousness cracks the doorway and light spills out enlightening those who have eyes to see and ears to listen.