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September 2016


September 2016

The energies this month will be in constant flux sending everything and everyone into change and in many cases confusion.  Choices and decisions are best left until the very end of the month when things settle down just a bit.  New information floods the consciousness and shifts focus, additional insights bring new elements into focus and changes the decisions and directions.  This is a time for waiting and gathering of information and wisdom, having patience with yourself and others.  This month is only the beginning of massive changes that are flooding the consciousness and shifting awareness.  Though there is the feeling of taking action it is not a time for action. 

Patience is called for and many will be hard pressed to embrace it.  This is a time to watch and listen, to gather and assimilate and to wait for waiting will reveal those hidden issues and agenda’s that will enable to aide you in the wisest choices and decisions. Patience is a quality all need to nurture at this time for much is being revealed both on personal and global levels.  There are major energetic shifts taking place at this time and countless are experiencing internal and emotional shifts as well.  Everyone reacts differently to these shifts, some will feel unwell, others will feel as if the energy has been drained from their bodies and still others will find emotionality’s totally out of control.  However, it hits you remember that it is just a phase and it will pass given time. 

The cracks are beginning to show in the facades of many and the true qualities that rest within are beginning to show for all to see and experience.  Those that have been weavers of illusion will find that their webs of half-truths are slowly beginning to unravel, revealing an emptiness and a void of character.   Others, though unique, will demonstrate a richness not expected…. Watch and remember that it is the actions not the words that are an indication of the quality that is within.

The element of revolution on many different levels stirs in the minds and hearts of many, each expressing this element in different ways.  Be cautious and watch for some will express this element in ways that are not healthy, be discerning in your choices for words can often lead to actions and actions have been known to get out of hand.  It will be many weeks yet before there is clarity for many issues that are swirling around and even then as greater information comes to the light of day opinions and philosophies will shift in an instant.

History, life, paradigms … Will all have different meanings as the new year approaches.  Those who watch and listen, those who find inner and outer patience will find the ride a lot smoother for their caution and patience.