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November 2016


November 2016

The energies are all in flux this month and there is much dis-ease on all levels.  The element of revolution weaves its way throughout the entire month and into the next.  To say that all of humanity is in confusion on a very deep level is putting it mildly.  Everyone’s energies and philosophies are being shaken to their very foundations and what was once thought to be strong and firm now shows that stability is not there.  The truth keeps being uncovered in the most unusual of places and those who try to keep it undercover will find that their actions now become the focus of great attention.  This month only starts to reveal areas of corruption and the process will continue for months perhaps years to come.  These elements apply to all areas of humanity and all areas of the globe.  The large corporate structures that have for so long controlled and manipulated are becoming the focus of great scrutiny and their control is slipping.  As they struggle to regain their control their actions will become more and more the focus of the masses.

While a great deal of the manipulation becomes an area of concern it is only the beginning of a process that well may take decades to correct.  The masses are slow to take action for there is great diversity within them …yet, given time, they will organize and take back what has been stolen from them and for a time there will be a sense of balance.  There will always be those who are hungry for power and control and if everyone is not vigilant they will once again seize control and enslave the populations who trust them. Apathy is a quality no one can afford to embrace in the weeks and years to come… While you slumber, Others will plunder.

This is a time when new foundations are being laid, new direction is sought and not always by those in power.  None the less there is an undercurrent of newness and awareness that is seeping into the masses and woe to those who try to take advantage or spread lies for their own advancement.  Those in power will find that the truth will be their downfall if they try to continue to spread their lies.  The facades have many cracks and this is only the beginning of a time when we begin to see the true character of those who have been hiding behind false fronts.  This is only the beginning of the ferreting out of those who seek to defraud and cheat the masses.

As we reach the middle and end of the month the element of revolution becomes more and more evident for we are at a time when much of what has been accepted as the norm is rejected and the masses show their power.  There will be many who prepare to take shelter and hide but they will be sought out and forced to admit their part in the manipulation that has taken place.  There is an undercurrent of finding the truth and no matter where the evidence leads the masses are determined to find those who have enriched themselves on all levels at the cost of those who put trust into them.  Be they lofty or low all who have contributed to lies will be sought and brought into the light … for in this case true justice is blind and the truth that has no foundation will in time crumble.

There are splits in many areas that were thought at one time to be solid.  Watch for the shifting of energy and be flexible in all areas of life for the changes will be easier to deal with if there is flexibility within your lives.  There is also a feeling of frustration and challenge as the month draws to a close, greater patience is called for.  There is a call for pacing yourselves this month and being able to wait for all the evidence and truth to fall into place.  Watch for changes for they will be in all areas of life and all will, eventually, have a most positive result.

This month signals the beginning of a movement that will begin as a ripple but will become a tsunami in time.  A great change that is opening to all of us if we but embrace it and allow it to unfold.  Those who are determined to stay in the past will in time find that they have been passed by … but it all takes time.

Pay attention to the actions not the words and you will find the truth you seek.