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March 2018

March 2018

The energies this month flow in new and different directions, with greater force and determination than any of us have experienced for quite some time.  The feeling will be one of being carried forward, of not being in control (and we won’t be) and of more or less going along for the ride.  While there has been a time of quiet reflection and feeling as if we were stalled in place, as this month opens it will feel as if the dam has burst.  Many will feel overwhelmed with new obligations as well as details we had overlooked that now must be attended to.  There will be a greater need for commitment to new aspects of life and for completing tasks we had volunteered for in the past and forgotten about over the passing months.  While there will be a great deal of work that was not anticipated there will be the energy to take part in all activities.  This is a time for rolling up your sleeves for many projects not anticipated will present themselves and there is no way to put any of them on the back burners … they’re already full and will be demanding your attention at most possibly the most inconvenient of times.

New energy surges throughout all aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of every individual.  There are new perspectives that open up to everyone. Each according to their individual levels of consciousness, will leap forward in their understanding of their place within the earth plane as well as the cosmos.  This will be a time when many will expand beyond the dogmas that have controlled them since birth to embracing a more universal or cosmic understanding of reality.  There is a birthing of new levels of awareness and gifts that have been brought through time, a new excitement for the potentials that are carried within.  As the month flows forward many will find that new areas of creative and communicative gifts will unfold and present themselves to each.  In many cases these will be talents that come from lifetimes past and can be used to add greater vibrancy to this lifetime.  If there is an inclination to try something new, by all means give it a try for it is most probably something you have a hidden gift for.  This is a time in which many will find new skills that have been awaiting the call for expression within this reality … the more creative you are, the more vibrant your reality.

Spiritual new aspects of life will present themselves as this month progresses.  Many of the universal laws will be exemplified up front and personally for many.  On a more national stage we will see the element of “what goes around comes around” illustrated for many who are in the public arena.  There will be many who will be put under the microscope and we will begin to see much that has been hidden from the public preview.  This is not a time to make judgements…this is a time to wait and see for there are many layers to be uncovered and to make judgements now may put you in the wrong camp later.  The element of applying a more spiritual focus to all aspects of life is called for at this time.  Stepping back and viewing all aspects of life from a different perspective may well change not only your focus but direction as well.  Because the focus is different, new possibilities will present themselves and there may well be the birth of new dreams that are much more expansive that you ever would have thought.  This is a time of new awakenings and of stretching beyond your wildest imaginations … if you embrace the gifts that are carried within.

The focus needs to be on the self for this month, your physical needs, emotional challenges, and spiritual connections.  Watch carefully what and how you nourish your body.  Many have neglected this aspect and will find that they are deficient in some very common elements that are important for a balance within. With a plethora of material available it is very common for many to assume they can prescribe for themselves what is best for their bodies.  Unless you have the appropriate credentials don’t take on this task… leave it to the experts.  This is also going to be a month when the emotions may well be taxed.  Watch for the signs that you are stressed and back off of whatever is causing that stress and breathe.  There will be times when you’ll be able to feel the static in the air.  At those times give yourself and others time and space to cool off and approach the situations with a calmer head.  This feels like it is a time when a good sense of humor will serve you well and possibly avoid conflict and upheaval.  Downloads of spiritual material will flood the consciousness this month.  That means strange dreams and day dreams and subtle messages from spirit when you least expect it. 

I often tell people a journal is almost a must for anyone on a spiritual pathway these days and this month is one I would highly encourage everyone to use their journals.  Whether they are dream journals, gratitude journals of just notebooks you keep everything in … just WRITE IT DOWN.  The more you let the universe know your getting the subtle messages the more frequently they come … and this month they are going to flood you…Catch them and apply them to your reality.

Wisdom on may levels and areas will call to you.  It feels as if there is a stretching of the intellectual areas and the element of learning calls to everyone.  Many have become apathetic as to stretching themselves and reaching for greater skills and abilities.  You need not master anything, but the stretch is important, it opens you to a new flow of energy and insight and awakens areas of your consciousness that have gotten a bit dusty.  As spring approaches there is a synchronistic awakening within each of us and a feeling of new birthing of talents and creative energies that have been resting within.  This is a wonderful time of new beginning and new starts for everyone.  Expand the personal aspects of your reality and only insert yourself where you have the ability to make a positive difference, (only insert yourself, after you’ve been asked).