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January 2018


January 2018

The energies swirl in confusion seeking organization and order.  There has been an awakening and shifting of the consciousness of all and this provides us all with the opportunity to re organize and bring to order many different parts of our lives and consciousness.  As consciousness expands and awareness deepens we see more and experience more than we had ever imagined.  Over the next one to five years this sort of shift is going to take place many times, perhaps two to three times in a single year.  This provides us all to take a look at the flow of energy within our lives and to re structure if necessary.  We will be called to be more flexible and to recognize the flow and go with it.  Those who demand a certain structure and will not bend to the changes will for the most part find life passing them by.  It can be an exciting adventure for those with long range plans will find that they had been way off target and yet, the directions now open to them, while being unexpected are far more enlightening and beneficial than those they had anticipated.  The old phrase, “expect the unexpected”, applies to the next five years and perhaps more as well.

For this month it is very important to re organize and create new and more flexible attitudes towards the future.  There are loose ends for all and they should be tied up and put to bed as best you can for the future has new challenges and opportunities that will be put on hold if you aren’t ready… this very well could lead to frustration and the shifting of the new possibilities that are awaiting you.  Organize and schedule are very important for this month, do not put off what can be done today else at some time you’ll have an avalanche of work and not enough time to catch up.

The flow of the energies is going to be most erratic this year and this month especially.  When there is a surge of energy put it to work so that you make the most of what is flowing through you.  The element of go with the flow is very important… learn to recognize the energies and you’ll find this month and year for that matter is really an adventure full of what one could only call one heck of a roller coaster ride.  Learn to act on the spur of the moment and go with inspiration when it presents itself …be open to new experiences and look upon them as an adventure to learn and grow.  If the universe is presenting something to you understand that you are ready and capable even though you may doubt yourself, the universe doesn’t.

The element of Light and laughter is all around us for this month, be open to the joy of change and the excitement of new experiences.  Once you remember the laughter there is a greater flow of change around you and the shifting to new frequencies is easier and by far more enjoyable.  No matter what is presented if you can find laughter you can accomplish anything … Laughter lifts the spirit and draws you into another vibration, one that lightens and enlightens …no matter how serious the moment gentle laughter can draw you into the appropriate energies to heal and grow, to evolve and transcend.

Spiritual energy is also flowing with greater intensity than usual.  There are inner awakenings that will enable you to see and feel other dimensions and other elements within those around you.  For some this will be new and for those already comfortable with this energy it will be intensified and open portals of consciousness that will amaze you.  Perceptions of reality and universal concepts will be more and more a focus and the changes of a spiritual nature will open to talents and gifts that have been brought through time.  While there is much newness please understand it will take a lot of time to master and apply these talents and gifts to reality…nothing of great value and worth ever came rapidly or easily.

A more cosmic point of view presents itself this month and the understanding that this is lifetime in human form is but a step along a long journey.  The link to cosmic consciousness is and always has been there to touch and open and in this month, there is the crossing of the threshold to this and other dimensions.  Perceptions of all aspects of this reality shift and change as you assimilate and incorporate these understandings into the storehouse of wisdom carried through time.  Concepts of faith and the power of the spirit within open to ancient wisdoms that are then applied to the time they now serve.  You become better acquainted with the spirit within and find a better understanding of the journey you are on and the understanding that the purpose of this lifetime is to develop the spirit within rather than service to others.  This concept will be one that many have difficulty with but once embraced there is a different service to the reality that had not been notice before.

Pulling body mind and spirit together and flowing as a unified spirit within reality is a goal for every lifetime and from time to time you will feel that inner unity.  There will be times when you feel the click in and know that anything is possible and then others when you search again for that connection.  Allowing rather than reaching, embracing rather than grasping is the first of many steps, perhaps the most important … welcome to evolution, transformation and ascension