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February 2018

February 2018

This is going to be a time in which shifts on all levels begin to manifest and alterations will need to be made in all aspects of life.  From the internal, where new information and insights are evolving, to the external, where all perceptions are going through great changes as well, there is shifting and refocusing going on for the entire month.  We are as individuals, as a culture and as a people having great awakenings going on and as a result our inner truths are being challenged and in many cases, there is a need to reevaluate the very foundations upon which they have been based.  It is important not to make snap judgements for all information has not come into the light, and while there well may be indications as to directions please know that there are still some major surprises in store for all.  There is much that is evolving … be patient and wait … try not to voice opinions before all the facts are in, for there are still layers and layers of change that will in the days and months to come will reveal agendas that are more shocking and unsettling than one could imagine.  Stand back and let the dust settle and be aware that this will take months and months for all to be brought into the open.

This will also be a time of choice in many aspects of life, a time of altering much and taking a greater responsibility for the direction and purpose in this lifetime.  We do control our realities by our perception of them and increasingly will bring this into consciousness and take control of direction to a greater extent than ever before.  The realization that you attract to yourself what you think you deserve is often a hard lesson to learn but once grasped and embraced major changes can take place within the individuals life.       This is a time when personal responsibility comes to the fore and many shift out of old patterns that were not healthy into new directions that are open to evolution and growth.

Many have been feeling stuck in and not able to create movement within their lives.  This is a time when those log jams begin to free up and forward motion is felt.  Make sure that you have tied up all your loose ends so that you are not held back by projects not brought to completion.  Going with the flow is great advice for this month, trying to not control all aspects of your life and allowing the universe to propel you in the new directions that will be opening to you.  Even those who feel they are “set” in their lives will find change at the door.  There are only good exciting feelings connected to this aspect as many will get a new lease on life and others will find that dreams do come true if you hold onto them long enough.  Where the human spirit is concerned, everything is possible, just perhaps not in the way you might have imagined it.

There is great freedom that will be felt by many as change lightens burdens and perception broadens.  This is a time when beginning new projects would be a good idea.  Doors will open, and opportunity is waiting for those who have the courage to reach for it.  New fields and areas of communication open to all.  Taking a greater focus into all aspects of life will lead to a broader, deeper understanding of this reality and those of other dimensions as well.  Spiritual rather than religious aspects will be brought into greater clarity and a more cosmic attitude and perception will begin to evolve.  This opens all to a yearning to understand the spirit and its destiny beyond the stars… understanding that there is one creator and who was responsible for all living aspects within our domains… that’s every and all that have life.  New areas of evolving, growing and learning open up and is is for the individual to learn and discover for themselves.  This is an area where groups will not help the individuals …for each is unique and each is required to take a new and different pathway … yet all have the same destination in sight.

That destination being not to reunite with the creator … but to rather become a creator.