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June 2016

June 2016

June 2016

June 2016 – The energies that were subtle at first increase in intensity as spirit continues to awaken those who have been apathetic and reluctant to acknowledge the direction that humanity as a whole is drifting towards.  Once again the phrase, “Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it”, floats upon the ether as well as the reminder that we are at a cross roads and all, repeat all, must awaken from the slumber that has claimed them and address the events and challenges that are about to present themselves.  There are choices that we are confronted with on a daily basis, challenges to those inner truths we have carried through time, each must search, find and declare those truths.  This will mean a shift in consciousness and a call to action, each in their own way and manner.  Words no longer hold their truth it is the actions that will speak to all.

It is imperative that we seek the inner challenges, the root source of the difficulties that are before us.  The initial reactions are what others are seeking in order to push us into their desired actions.  Take the time to analyze the sources of the cause, don’t fall into the trap others have set for you, resist the obvious and search for the hidden purpose and meaning for the actions of others and find the true agenda behind the actions. Confusion, misinformation and fear are the tools that are being used upon humanity at this time.  Conflict isn’t coming, it’s here and how we deal with it and react to it determines the course of the species in the years and decades to come.  This is not a time to fall back on past methodology, old patterns will not work and we will fail.  This is a time to find the real source behind the difficulties and deal with that entity instead of that which they are using to manipulate us.  Over the past decade, centuries humanity has been manipulated and at this time we have the levels of consciousness to actually combat this source instead of reacting by identifying it and taking action instead.  They have hidden behind blinds of other organizations and misled us for generations.  Don’t be fooled or driven by fear for that is exactly what they want.  It is true that truth will set you free, the trick is finding out what the source truth is and dealing with that.

This is a time, month when setting things inn order is calling to everyone.  Clearing out not only our physical reality but our emotionality’s as well.  Many will find that the past is drifting into our consciousness and reminding us of the lessons that we have gathered so far.  It will be a time of re arranging our priorities and shifting our focus to new directions that have been opening to us.  This is an exciting time for everyone, many will feel as if they are not well enough prepared for the demands that the future holds but rest assured, if spirit puts something in front of you, you are more prepared that you realize.

There is work to be done this month so roll up your sleeves and dive in.  Many will feel overwhelmed but once started everything will fall into place and a new sense of order will be established.  Letting go of much that has been gathered and no longer has relevance to your new directions will give you a sense of freedom and will definitely lighten your load greatly.

There is healing energy swirling in great abundance this month, generated universally as well as individually.  Those open to embracing it and allowing it to flow into and through their energy fields will benefit greatly from it.  Those who are sealed in fear or ignorance miss an amazing chance to experience a profound and enhancing energy.  Those who truly seek healing will find it …those who just speak sincerity and don’t walk it will come up empty at the end of the month.  Just mouthing words and philosophies carries no weight in the spirit world, Those who demonstrate those qualities are able to draw from spirit great enlightenment and wisdom.

This is indeed a time of awakening and taking responsibility for actions and words.  There is no judgement but rather a scale that balances.  Those who use words to blind others from their actions will find that they are not able to manipulate as once they did.  The times are changing, truth is finding its way into the light and false prophets and those who think they are untouchable are finding they are not able to sway the masses as once they did.  The real truth will out …. It just takes it own time and that can be a bit frustrating.  Rather than watching for others to get what is due them, focus on your own individual journey and be sure you are walking your words and philosophies … the universe takes care of the rest.