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August 2016

August 2016

August 2016

There is a unifying energetic that flows throughout all of humanity.  A desire and a need to draw like-minded and focused individuals together for a common cause.  Many will fluctuate and it is those who are faced with the greatest dilemma for it is these numbers that will influence the directions for the future in many arenas.  Both globally and individually those that are in flux are greater than anyone could imagine and because of this many changes that are unexpected will take place.  At times such as these it is imperative for everyone to step back and reevaluate their inner truths, remembering that it is the actions not the words that actually determine the merit of the individual.  Finding inner truths is not as easy as one might think.  This takes an honesty that does not come easily for many.  Discovering what it at the very core of the drives for this lifetime may well come as a surprise for many and will perhaps shift the focus for the choices made in the months and years to come. 

This month many will feel as if they are on a see-saw, moving from side to side on many different issues within their realities.  This is not a time to make a firm decision on anything for the energies will continue to shift for at least the next two months.  In almost every arena all the facts are not in, information is still coming to the light and critical information has yet to be uncovered.  This relates to personal as well as global issues so sit back, listen and more importantly watch for there are great surprises in store for many.  Though you may think that some things are carved in stone it is very clear on the spiritual level that this is not the case and there will be adjustments that will shock many and cause upheaval that is unexpected.

Many this month will finding themselves searching their minds and hearts for a greater understanding as to the directions they want their realities to flow.  In many ways it will be a time of sort of philosophical epiphany bringing a greater spiritual essence to all that is around us.  This is a time when all will journey internally and seek out those inner truths that have been guiding us from the moment of incarnation.  Much will come under the microscope this month on a personal level.  Much of the past will be reflected upon and new understanding will come to light that will in many cases change the focus of the future.  A kinder and more empathic energy is emerging in everyone, it will manifest differently in all but it is there and it changes the focus of the perspective for the future greatly for all of us.

The past provides the foundation upon which we build the future, so it is important to uncover the truth of the past in order to make sure we build a stable framework to support the future we are focused upon.  Often the truth emerges from most unusual sources and there is a healing process that ensues. We will find that frequently healing allows us to let go of the past so that a new and brighter future is able to unfold.  This is a time of understanding causes and letting go of that which cannot be changed.  A time in which we let go of anger and hurt and allow a new beginning to occur with our being influenced by past resentments.

This is a month in which new partnerships and friendships are formed.  A time when new stepping stones appear out of the shadows and allow us to move forward in new and unexpected ways.  There is great shifting in the focus as we all begin to see to a greater depth the words and actions of others.  We will see connections that have always been there but have been hidden from view in plain sight.  This is a time when some of the veils that have been sheltering others begin to dissipate and what has been thought to be the truth crumbles revealing agenda’s that are selfish and greedy.  Those who say one thing and do another will be caught up in the webs they have woven and will be revealed for who and what they are, for all to see.

It is how we deal with the revelations of misconduct that determine our futures.  The fine line between vengeance and justice is a very thin one and as a culture and a species we must all be very careful and tread softly.