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April 2016


April 2016

There is a great energetic shift taking place beneath the surface.  Though not visible to the naked eye many will feel this shift and be effected by it.  An expansion and reworking of many of the channels that energy has flowed through will be shifting, there is a feeling of the need to be open to changes in many areas of reality that will be called for so tying up loose ends is very necessary at this time.  Getting rid of clutter both emotional and physical is also called for.  The lighter the load the easier the passage to new paradigms and spiritual insights that will be freely flowing as the year progresses.  This is going to be a time in which those who are really ready to open to new dimensions and thoughts will find their visions of the future and destiny of humanity change and expand greatly.  That which has be moving ahead slowly now speeds up and there will be much scrambling to not only make ready for the changes but to let go of old perceptions that no longer function within our realities. 

As change becomes more and more obvious to the general public there will be a feeling of unease as the foundations that we thought were so firm begin to crumble before our eyes.  The inner disquiet effects everyone differently.  Some will face it with excitement while others will display anger that is somewhat uncalled for.  Watch for the extremes for they are truly an indicator of the changes that are evolving before our very eyes.  Life, society as a whole is going through a metamorphous and no one will be able to determine just what it is we are birthing.  A great deal will be determined by the spiritual levels that have been developed within the majority of the populace.  Those levels can only be determined by the actions of the individuals not by their proclamations of what they are.  This is a time when actions of a lifetime are illustrations of where someone is coming from, watch and observe, try not to judge but rather choose where you want to put your energy.  Judging implies you have greater wisdom and that is not always the case for our inner wisdom applies only to the spirit within and not to others.  We are responsible for our actions and intentions and have no power over the pathways or choices of others.  Within each of us is a powerful spirit who has a direct link with the creator, relying upon the wisdom carried within we cannot stray from that path we charted before incarnation.  But each must listen to their one private whisper and go with the flow of energy that is created by that inner voice.

There appears to be conflict of many different kinds this month causing inner disturbance as well.  While some of it may well be amusing there is much that seems to be building towards uncomfortable levels.  Choices by those in power all over the globe seem to be struggling to gather power over others and not paying attention to those over who they have power.  This is a time when many will be called to explain their actions and will find their explanations wanting.  Those who struggle to defend lies will find their illusion of power dissipating and they will face the consequences of their actions in the public eyes.  Some will choose to fade from the public scrutiny while others will try to bluff their way out … neither will find success or comfort.

The environment as well seems to be unsettled this month, watch for an increase in storms of all sorts as well as the inner rumbling of the earth.  It appears that there will be earth quakes in unexpected areas … many small but there are some that are impressive, again in areas not expected.  The weather continues to confuse those who try to predict it …leaving everyone wondering where the cycles went.  There is a new pattern, we just need decades to figure it out.  Water as well continues to thwart many.  It will be either feast or famine this month and that pattern will continue through the summer … watch for very unusual growing systems this summer.