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PAST LIFE READINGS with Barbara DeLong, Card Designer, Empath and Teacher at Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy
08/07/2013 Ann Marie
Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Barbara DeLong, Tarot Card Designer, Spiritual Empath and Teacher speaks on Past Life and Soul Journey offering 2 Past Life readings with Master Tarot Channel, Ann Marie O’Dell at Achieve Radio. Receive 2 phenomenal readings with 80+ yrs exper. combined!

I am pleased to share this interview with Barbara DeLong. Known as a spiritual empath, author and teacher, she shares many gifts and resonates a powerful uplifting energy. Notice what resonates inside as you journey through this discussion. ~ Liara Covert
Published on Jan 25, 2013

We were contacted in the summer of 2011 by Eugene Botha, a documentary producer from South Africa. He asked if both Patrick and I would appear in a production he was currently filming. It sounded like it fit our philosophies perfectly and so the camera crew arrived and filmed for several hours. It aired in February of 2012 and was very well received. So for those of you who don’t happen to live in South Africa, take a look.